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Huisartsenpraktijk Stad & Ambt

Telefoonnummer: (0527) 241 290

  • voor contact met de assistente blijft u aan de lijn
  • bij  een noodsituatie kiest u optie 1
  • voor het inspreken van herhaalrecepten kiest u optie 2

voor medische noodsituaties buiten praktijktijden belt u met
huisartsenpost Emmeloord   (0900) 333 6 333


Visiting Guest

It is always preferred that you obtain medical care or medication from your own General Practitioner (GP) and pharmacy. Of course, if you urgently require medical attention or medication you can always come to us.

When you visit our general medical practice as a visiting guest for a consultation, while you are not registered with us as a regular patient, we are legally bound to ask you about your medical backgrounds. In order to ensure that we provide you with good healthcare we will include this data in our patient files. Without this information we are unable to provide (suitable) healthcare.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to complete our “visiting guest form” beforehand. You can pick up this form from our practice or download it here. Please remember to sign the form!

The assistant will enter all details into our computer, so that our own electronic surveillance systems are also activated. If you are in possession of a medication sheet from your own pharmacy or GP, you are kindly requested to hand this in with our assistant.

In most cases you must pay for any costs resulting from your consultation directly (cash or pin operated debit card). You will be given an invoice which you can use to submit a claim on your insurance company.

If you have any further questions, please let us know!